Friday, March 15, 2013

A Trip to the Veterinarian...

Yesterday, we took Paddy and Sylvester to the Veterinarian for their annual check-up, vaccines, and to have Paddy's eyes looked at. (Paddy has a winky, drippy eye problem as a result of an eye infection when he was a kitten, it's gotten much worse in the past couple of weeks.) 

Sylvester seemed to enjoy his trip to the vet, he curiously checked everything out in the office. (We'll see how much he likes the vet, when we take him back in 3 weeks for his booster shot!)  The Veterinary Technician was quite smitten with Sylvester, she thought he was such a handsome fellow!  The good news is that Sylvester has gained 4 pounds since we got him!  He only weighed 6 pounds when we adopted him; he was underweight and malnourished from his life on the streets. Now he's a whopping 10 pounds and some change!   The Veterinary Technician couldn't believe he weighed that much, because he has such a petite build. She weighed him 3 times on 2 different scales and it's true, he really does weigh more than 10 pounds. 

Poor Paddy did not fare as well as Sylvester at the Veterinarian's office!  We had to drag him out of his carrier and then immediately after we weighed him, he dove behind the containers on the Vet's counter.  Unfortunately, Paddy has not lost any weight since our last visit to the Vet, but he hasn't gained any either, so we're pleased with that.  We have to start regulating his food a bit more, which we can do, now that Sylvester is no longer underweight.  In addition to his 2 vaccinations, Paddy got a shot of steroids and a shot of antibiotics for his eyes.  The Veterinarian cleaned his eyes, examined his corneas for scratches, and gave him some eye drops.  He sent us home with oral medication and eye drops, both of which must be administered twice daily.  Poor boy! :-(

The good news is that Paddy's eyes had significantly less gunky build up this morning, so maybe the injections he got yesterday did him some good!  

-Paddy's Mommy

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Paddy's Getting a Baby!!

In case you've been wondering why there haven't been very many blog posts lately, it's because we have some big stuff going on in our little family:

Paddy and Sylvester are getting a baby brother or sister!  They are very busy inspecting all of the baby supplies we bring home to check and make sure they are up to quality control standards.  

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Paddy's Loss is Sylvester's Gain

One of the great things about our new cat Sylvester is that he loves to play with all the toys that Paddy has abandoned, like this Turbo Scratcher toy: 


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sick Day

A couple weeks ago, I had a stomach bug, so I stayed home from work for the day.  I spent most of the day laying on the couch, watching Call the Midwife and Lark Rise to Candleford.  

During the morning, I got up to get something to drink from the kitchen and when I returned, this is what I found: 

 I told him that I was sick and needed to lie down.  He refused to move.  So, I squeezed in beside him.

 As you can see, he still refused to budge, not even an inch!  Eventually he gets up to get something to eat, and I resume my rightful place on the sofa.  But, then comes lunchtime and I get up to get myself something to eat.  I return to find this: 

Honestly, with these two around, I would have been better off having gone to work sick! 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Where's My Wool?

This winter I've been finding random woolen items strewn about the house in random places.  At first, I thought I had just misplaced them.  But soon I realized that SOMEONE had been taking them from their usual places and carrying them off to another location.  

Case in point: my wool leg warmers.  I normally keep them with the shoes, by our front door.  However, they often appear in various locations around the house.  One morning, I awoke to find one of my legwarmers in the hallway, outside of the upstairs bathroom-- there's NO way I misplaced just ONE of my legwarmers there!  

I have an ongoing craft project that I've been working on, I want to make a quilt out of felted wool sweaters.  It's a slow process, as it involves buying sweaters from thrift stores, bringing them home and felting them, and then carefully cutting them into rectangular pieces.  I recently acquired several wool sweaters in one thrift store trip, so I brought my basket full of felted wool rectangles upstairs, so I could work on my project.  Soon, I began finding the pieces of felted wool all over the living room. 
This, apparently, is why: 

I worked hard making those Sylvester, not cool I tell you!


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Crafting Cat

It turns out that Paddy inherited the crafting gene from his mother!
Isn't he the cutest little crafter you've ever seen? :-)

Friday, January 25, 2013